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STEP -Scitecs technology in Education Program- is designed to help Educational Institutions, Private Universities and Schools, and Education Management Enterprises reach their goals by providing adequate practices and tools of the latest marketing and admission technologies.

Our Program is thoroughly designed to empower those institutes with the best strategies, tools, and support to grow their business. STEP guide you to apply growth approaches used by leading growth practitioners from all around the globe.

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Scitecs is a digital marketing agency specialising in helping education, non-profit organisations and businesses grow by increasing their reach and improving their engagement. As the First and only Gold HubSpot partner in Egypt and Saudi Arabia, we work on shaping the future of the Education industry in accordance with the digitization vision of our governments. 

We are a passionate team of dedicated marketers, developers and designers, with years of experience working with (and within) a range of education and non-profit organisations.

We understand some of the unique opportunities and challenges these environments face and have a proven track record of providing results.

Our aim is to empower Educational Institutions with the knowledge and practice they need to reach their enrollment goals efficiently and effectively.

Take a STEP To Success

STEP consists of a series of webinars. The topics of our growth program combine multiple disciplines such as Marketing, Admission, and Student Services, they include:​

  • Increasing Enrollment
  • Mastering Lead Generation
  • Improving Conversion Rate Optimization CRO
  • Building a student-Focused Campaigns
  • Admission Digitization through meaningful data analysis

Each STEP You’ll Get


Benchmark Data

We're digging into global data to help bring to light the current marketing, and admission trends and technologies.


Educational Content

Blog, guides, templates and more. We'll share relevant resources that help you put these strategies into action.



We’ll empower you with the necessary tools to unlock your potential and take your educational institutions to the next level.

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Upcoming Webinar

"Introduction to Inbound Enrollment"

Enrolling students to universities in Egypt has never been more complex and difficult than today. With more than 77 local universities, an increasing number of students preferring studying abroad, an increasing number of International institutions targeting the Egyptian students, hundreds of colleges and programs creating more confusion to students, among other factors are reshaping the enrollment processes.


Traditional ways are not valid anymore, the Introduction to Inbound Enrollment webinar on the 1st of November at 12 pm will explore a smarter way for admissions to help them achieve their goals.


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This webinar will help you understand the Inbound Enrollment Methodology and how to improve your HEI admission and enrollment funnel.

We'll go over the most common questions, concerns, and the New Strategies in Student Recruitment

  1. Inbound Methodology.

  2. Inbound Enrollment vs outbound.

  3. Strategies for successful Inbound Enrollment.

  4. Tools to facilitate Enrollment.

Dr. Ahmed Mourady 

Dr. Mourady is a 20+ years expert who combines management and technology in various industries. Starting in the academic domain he has managed to excel in higher education teaching, e-learning, Edtech, e-commerce, digital marketing, Fintech, and Customer Experience.

Dr. Mourady worked with many International organizations like UNDP, USAID and EBRD to empower many universities in the MENA region by digitizing their processes. Dr. Mourady led the team honored by the Sheik Khalifa Education Award in 2011 for best e-learning program in the Arab Countries.